About Us

The ZAKAA Couture brand was launched in New York in 2014. Zakaa’s zest for fashion is visibly apparent in her love of fabrics and embellishments. Thoughtful in her decision to join the world of bridal, Zakaa was enthralled by the idea of the creative freedom to design magical memories for the modern bride. This creativity is manifested in her immaculate beadwork, intricate embroidery, and rich fabric choices, which bestow a certain quality of timeless elegance and classic sophistication.


The ZAKAA Couture aesthetic is that of tasteful decadence, she brings out the softness and innocence in brides with her delicately feminine designs. A charming quality is whispered in her work, as she draws inspiration from romance, and her love for travel which is heavily influenced in her bridal gowns. The ZAKAA Couture brand embodies true couturier fashion. The brand never sacrifices quality in its designs, capturing each bride at her very best. Her expansion continued shortly after her launch, introducing an accessories line to enhance and complete the look of her brides. ZAKAA Couture continues to grow, as the brand makes its way into the international market in locations such as Qatar, Russia, and Tokyo.