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Real Bride - Melissa

LOVE STORY: Joe and I had heard each other’s names from various mutual friends over the years, although we had never actually met. He was roommates with one of my best friends (and bridesmaid, Sarah), and when we finally DID meet in May of 2017, the attraction was instant. We fell in love almost immediately, and it was clear to both of us that this was the real thing. He says that I make him a better man, and he has grown so much since we’ve been together. He brings out the best in me and has shown love and care to my daughter since day one and me. He proposed in March of 2018 on a hike at Bear’s Den (it was supposed to be in Santorini six weeks later, but he got the ring and couldn’t wait)! 

After a long engagement, we knew we were going to get married regardless, even when COVID happened. We cut our guest list to family and bridal parties only, and it was a magical and intimate day. Moments that stood out to me were when Joe said special vows to my daughter and gave her a locket with a rose on it. Also, the speeches were absolutely touching – there wasn’t a dry eye in the place! I really loved seeing Joe’s reaction as I came down the aisle in my dress, my goal was to make him happy and cry 😉 and it definitely happened! The alpacas were also a huge hit!


Wedding Dress: Customized Fit and Flare Wedding Gown by ZAKAA