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Real Bride - Kate

The new Mr & Mrs. Gazzillo were married on July 16th, in Annapolis, Maryland, with a “Disco Galaxy” theme for their magical, rainy, funky wedding. Complete with 30 disco balls, vintage cameras, a Moon photobooth built by FOB, retro/sequin attire by every guest, a vintage Rolls Royce, and graphic designs by the bride.

For Eric & Kate, it all began over FaceTime in 2020, followed by a Casablanca movie night and countless mornings talking about the cosmos together. Like a love story backward, or a constellation upside down….

It was 3 years together at Towson University, sharing their passions for photography, design, and theater when they did….. NOT meet. It took 10 years for Eric and Kate to meet by an act of fate online when they were living 10 minutes apart, again, in Northern Virginia. Within minutes of the meeting, they both knew it. They were written in the stars.