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Real Bride - Jessica


Christopher and Jessica, the thread actually began very short, you could have measured it in feet. They grew up just around the corner from each other, attended the same church, preschool and even graduated from the same high school. Throughout the years their thread stretched and stretched as their paths moved further apart, and it wouldn’t be until they both left their hometown, that their thread finally pulled them back together, miles away from where their stories began.

These two hearts have been unconsciously seeking each other their whole lives and today we witness their joining in Marriage.

Our parent’s houses were walking distance from each other, we went to the same church preschool and high school even hung out with some of the same people (our younger sisters were even friends) but never officially met until he was going to JMU and we met at a restaurant I had just gotten a job at. When I walked in for training he was like “I know you” that night we hung out after work and stayed up until 4 am talking and then became inseparable. We were in Harrisonburg less than a year (October-May) and then we moved back home where we grew up. So it’s just sort of funny that we never met when we were in the same town our whole lives we move away for a couple of months meet and then moved home. When we moved home we stayed with our parents while we saved up(again walking distance) we would joke that our parents said we had to be home before the street lights came on. haha eventually we got our first apartment a puppy, then get engaged then a second puppy and we bought our first home which is 3 miles from both of our parents and less than a mile from the high school we graduated from.

Location: Murray Hill Events

Photographer: Genevieve Leiper Photography

DJ: DJ Craig Wood Perpetual Sound

Hair and Makeup: Whitney Smoot