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Real Bride - Emma


DETAILS: We had a beautiful, romantic venue that had a very regal feel. The ceremony was held in a church and we had around 250 people there.

SPECIAL MOMENTS: One of the most special moments was when my Dad walked me down the aisle and I saw the way my husband looked at me. The ceremony was beautiful and then seeing all of our friends and family afterwards and receiving so much support and love from everyone was amazing.

LOVE STORY: Our love story began in college where we became good friends throughout all 4 years. We met on the first day of school and were always friends but it was not until our 3rd year that we started having feelings for each other. I went to Italy for a semester which made it hard to do long distance and then to India for mission work.  We really knew that we wanted to be with each other but distance made things difficult. When I came back from studying abroad, Joseph asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated all through the remainder of our college and graduation and then in August 2019 he asked me to marry him.


Custom Dress: Kate from the ZAKAA Love Collection designed by ZAKAA

Custom Veil: Kate designed by ZAKAA