Elegance Unveiled: A Bridal Affair with Melange DeBlanc Main Image

Elegance Unveiled: A Bridal Affair with Melange DeBlanc


October 10 - 12


Prepare to be enchanted during New York Bridal Fashion Week, which will take place from October 10-12. The allure of our exclusive luxury haven beckons you to Suite #30, a sanctuary of refined taste located at the prestigious 415 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10016, adorning the famous 7th floor.


Melange De Blanc stands as a premier destination for bridal fashion, gracing two prestigious locales in NYC and Palm Beach. Emerging from its origins as a captivating pop-up market, the brand has gracefully evolved into an enduring cornerstone, seamlessly uniting exceptional global brands with the United States through a tapestry of international collaborations. Radiating luxury and immersive allure, their thoughtfully curated selection offers 'something for everyone,' a harmonious blend that enables buyers to discover their desires across a spectrum of categories. Melange De Blanc's dedication to excellence and the artistry of bridal fashion is truly commendable, making it a cherished beacon for all seeking refined elegance and unmatched choices.

We cordially invite you to an upcoming showcase that will open a new chapter in the opulence of wedding dresses. In collaboration with the esteemed Melange De Blanc, we present an elegant collection that combines art and sophistication.

An event that symbolizes elegance and redefines the art of bridal glamour awaits you. Let the magic of design and romance unfold at every moment.