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Real Bride Kara

Wedding gown: Aura from the ZAKAA Couture 2020 Collection designed by ZAKAA

Veil: Aura Veil from the ZAKAA Couture 2020 Collection designed by ZAKAA

LOVE STORY: Clay and I knew each other during undergrad. We traveled in the same social circle and knew each other but didn’t talk much. After a couple months of knowing each other, he asked me out and we made it official a couple months after that. We were long distance for a few months after graduation since he was working in Richmond and I had started Graduate school in DC. He moved up to me and proposed a little over a year after that. He proposed in Nashville since we go there multiple times a year and made it a long term goal to move there. He flew my entire family in since the trip was supposedly just the two of us and needless to say, I was shocked and thrilled. We got married October 24, 2020, and moved to Nashville 4 days later!! We are so excited about how things have worked out for us and can’t wait for many more years.